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To know the origin of this sport, we must go back to the time of the Native Americans, who used these tools to hunt their prey. Made of iron and wood, the axes were a very effective and lasting weapon. Already then, axe throwing was a very popular sport in American tribes either to practice the aim so necessary for hunting as to demonstrate the skills and modalities of the hunter. Throughout history this activity has been maintained. Increasingly known around the world, it has been well received by citizens of all ages as a method of destress and fun. KISSMYAXE barcelona joins the old tradition and offers a space both for professional players and for those who are curious and want to throw some axes to have fun with family or friends.

  • Biggest Axe Throwing Center In Spain
  • Groups up to 100 Person
  • VIP Room for Private Events
  • Best Sport to Destress!

KISS MY AXE TEAMKiss My Axe Barcelona

Kiss My Axe Barcelona